Hotwind, founded in 1996 in the fashion city—Shanghai, has developed into a domestic fashion retail chain brand, integrating the design, best collection and sale into one. Its products include shoes, clothing, bags, accessories and some fashion articles of daily use.

Hotwind has stable consumer group who pursue fashion, love life, pay attention to personal style and quality and regard cost performance as important. Hotwind is devoted to providing fashion products, a happy shopping environment, affordable price and excellent service for its customers.

职位名称 时间 地点
热风管理培训生(运营管理方向) 2019-03-26 上海
管理培训生(销售管理方向)-芜湖 2019-03-26 合肥
热风天猫店客服专员 2019-03-26 上海-闵行区
电商平台客服专员 2019-03-26 上海-闵行区
Hotwind 美工专员 2019-03-26 上海-闵行区
门店销售员 2019-03-26 珠海
门店销售员 2019-03-26 佛山
门店销售员 2019-03-26 中山
门店销售员 2019-03-26 江门
热风门店销售员 2019-03-22 北京
管理培训生(销售管理方向) 2019-02-06 杭州
门店销售员 2019-02-06 重庆
管理培训生(运营方向)-开封 2019-02-04 开封